Preparing for your boudoir session is necessary to have the best experience possible. I know that there are so many lingerie styles and every one’s body types are so different, it can become overwhelming – this style guide is here to help! 

I will cover a few different types of lingerie as well as give some ideas on what to bring to your boudoir session. Remember that confidence is key – so ultimately, I want you to pick the lingerie that makes YOU FEEL GOOD! Please refer to the package that you purchased to decide how many outfits that you planned to bring with you, and remember that I’m always here for questions and recommendations! 

As far as what to bring – I recommend a variety! You don’t want pictures in only bra and panty sets, or only body suits. Change it up and have fun, and your posing and gallery will have lots of variety! This applies to colors and textures as well – everyone looks great in white, black and red, but I recommend daring and get that emerald bodysuit or the velvet high waisted cheekies, you will not be disappointed! As always, at the end of every session, I save a little time for doing pictures in your birthday suit! You are by no means required – I ask about this in your questionnaire to hear your comfort level – but these are often times fan favorites! We can do some implied nudity or tastefully exposed. These images are for you in the end, so you get to choose! 

Debatably the most popular type of lingerie is a simple bra and panty set. Underwear and bras are basics, but come in a multitude of different colors, styles, textures, materials, cut, etc – and this is what sets this look apart. Think different, lace, satin, strappy, velvet, sheer, provocative. Underwire lave long-lined bras are super sexy and show just the right amount putting it all on display, plus the structure of the wiring will slightly lift and shape for you. Avoid anything overly padded, because there can be a gap when I pose you in certain positions. It’s never a bad idea to get fitted for your bras! High-cut bottoms are very on-trend at the moment and will make your legs look long and your booty look fantastic. They also help create curve by drawing attention toward the most narrow part of your was it, and conceal parts that some women try not to show off! Thongs and cheeky bottoms will make your booty look more curvy. 

We all have a favorite part of our body, and we all have our not so favorite parts as well – we are human! I strongly recommend avoiding babydoll lingerie AT ALL COST. You might be thinking “but its frilly and feminine and it hits my tummy” but you are wrong because it actually adds volume in material to your mid section and can accentuate what you want to hide. I would opt for a more form fitting piece, which will flatter your curves and give you a more defined waist. 

However, I have had some maternity boudoir clients who opt for these, as to not hug their stomachs too tight, and this is totally okay! I’m not here to tell you what does and does not look good on you. Bring what you feel the most confident in!

These are both excellent options for smoothing and slimming the waist, and are classic examples of lingerie. The only difference is that the bustier is meant to “boost” the breasts. When using either of these, make sure they are long enough and fit JUST RIGHT to avoid slipping out and love handles that weren’t there before! 

This is my all-time favorite kind of lingerie! There are so many different styles of these and they can show as much or as little skin as you want. I highly recommend shopping for these online. I recommend ones with lots of lacey details! Bonus tip – these can often times be worn as clothing under jeans and with a sweater or cute jacket. You’re totally getting your money’s worth! 

AH, accessories! I love layering pieces because we can create a sort of tease with a lacey robe or baggy cardigan that is slipping off you in the pictures. It’s fun to add these pieces for more variety with the posing and outfits that you have. You can even go topless with one of these – the possibilities are endless. Less isn’t always more. 

Another lingerie staple is the thigh high stocking. These are very sexy and are fun to photograph! There are tons of options, and some even come with a garter belt to hold them on. This adds a fun detail to any two piece set! 

Many of my clients opt to end their session with a few minutes of implied nudity, but only if they choose! There are so many poses that we can do where you are tastefully exposed, covered in sheets or pillows, or even slightly exposed. These images are completely private, and I’ll never pressure you either way! These are some of the most intimate images, and they turn out so sweet.

Bridal Boudoir Sessions normally have at least one white set with bridal accessories. I recommend bringing your veil – or a friends – your engagement ring and a piece of white lacy lingerie! My favorites are body suits or super classy long lined bras or high waisted panties. We can do a lot of layering to make these feel different and allow for lots of variety in these. These are always super simple and classy – I LOVE!

Something of your significant other’s – or something of yours! Some examples would be a favorite shirt (button-down, band tee, sports jersey), something that represents your personality (if you love star wars, bring a shirt – or if your partner is a gamer, you can bring his video game controller!) Sometimes comfortable is actually really sexy, so a cute bra and denim booty shorts, or some velvet jammies, etc are always something you could bring! I’ve had lots of clients throw on jeans over a Calvin Klein set. The possibilities are truly endless – boudoir is not strictly lingerie pictures.

Victoria Secret
Adore Me
For Love & Lemons
Thistle & Spire
Pretty Little Thing
Salt & Lace Intimates
Lonely Label
Third Love
Savage x Fenty
Hanky Panky
Fleur De Mal
Bare Necessities
Nasty Gal
Gooseberry Intimates
Fredericks of Hollywood
Free People
Fashion Nova
Princess Polly

Professional Hair + Makeup : I highly recommend that you use professional hair and makeup services for your photoshoot! Most of my boudoir sessions include them, because I see them as an essential part of your experience! I have curated an elite list of makeup artists who will emphasize all your best features and make you feel relaxed and looking your BEST in front of the camera! Just come with a clean face and enjoy the experience – let me spoil you! 

My hair stylists recommend that you come to your hair and makeup session with no makeup, a clean, moisturized face, and clean, DRY hair. Avoid any drastic hair changes (cut or color) for a week before your shoot. Do not change any skin care routines for two weeks prior to your shoot. 

Many of my clients feel a little “extra” when they leave their appointment, but that’s perfect for the camera! They are specially trained for this, and I have hand chosen them due to their skills for you! 

If your session does not include hair and makeup, I highly recommend these following ladies for you! 
LC Valley Area :

  • Amber Leitner – Chic Impressions
  • Diana Bly – Blondies
  • Jenna Tank – VIVID Salon
  • Kami Earl – Kosmo Salon
  • Destiny Tyler – DT Studio

Boise Area :

  • TSG Artistry
  • Morgan Dyer – of TSG Artistry

If you are on the fairer side, like me, I highly recommend seeing a licensed tanning salon or spray tan specialist. They can help you find the best, most natural looking tanning solution. Do not buy fake tan that you have not used before for your session. If you do not normally tan or haven’t been using tanning products, the day before (or even week before) is not the time to start. I highly recommend seeing Michelle at Electric Rays Tanning Studio (Lewiston, Moscow, Hayden and Meridian) for tanning bed and spray tan options, or Lauren with Glowin’ Out Spray Tans in the Boise area. Do not go too dark before your session – just a healthy glow. Remember that I do not normally adjust for your tan lines in your final images.

Wax/shave a day or so before your session to avoid irritated skin and red spots. There are no rules for shaving (or lack of shaving) do whatever makes you comfortable! I recommend Sayler (Anchor Aesthetics LLC @ The Beauty Bar in Lewiston – 208791.0301 ) over and over to my boudoir clients who are interested in waxing. She is the bomb dot com and takes such good care of her clients.

Hands and feet are surprisingly in many shots during a boudoir session, so I highly recommend taking care of these for your session! Apply lotion, and get your nails done or apply a nail varnish. However, avoid any bright colors that you do not want photographed forever! If you have no time for nail painting and gels, stick on nails are MY FAV’s if you’re in a pinch! 

Because I want you to have the very best….
I love a good discount, and these awesome women-owned businesses are offering exclusive deals to my boudoir clients – and I only recommend the best. Mention my name and that you have a boudoir session scheduled to receive the discounts!
LCV Beauty Aesthetics : 10% off services. Ashleigh is brilliance when it comes to aesthetics and would love to meet you. Botox and filler are the most popular options before a boudoir session (must be done at least 4 weeks prior to session) but she also recommends GOOD skincare. Book HERE!
Electric Rays Tanning (Lewiston + Meridian): 25% off for KP clients. Michelle offers the best spray tans in the LC Valley, and is so kind. Call her store at 208-798-9955 to book!
Sunkissed Beauty (Spray Tans, Meridian/Boise Area): 20% off Spray Tan Services. Perry is SO SWEET, and you need a spray tan with her! Book HERE!

One more pep talk
Look, not everyone here feels 1,000% comfortable in their body. We all have insecurities, and we all feel not enough sometimes. All I ask is that you come into your session open minded, and ready to celebrate your body TODAY and not worried about that little extra weight you might carry, or the little bump in your nose you’ve hated since high school. Negative self talk is not allowed here, you are beautiful just the way you are and my job is to photograph you in the most flattering light and angles to make your images stand out.
You are not expected to come to your session with poses memorized or perfectly thought out – that’s my job! Come to your session relaxed and open minded, and trust that I will make you feel beautiful! If you do feel uncomfortable or weird in a pose, feel free to ask me to change it up. I will never ask you to do anything you don’t want to do, and it’s important to me that you are willing to try!

– Drink plenty of water the days before and that morning
– Do not skip a meal, you will be starved. Plan to eat a good breakfast/lunch at least an hour before your shoot (being hungry before your shoot can be counterproductive and make your stomach more bloated) 
– Wear baggy clothes, or seamless leggings to your session. It helps to not start the session with lines from your previous outfit.
– Get a good nights sleep and do not have an excessively large meal or alcohol the night before. 
– PLEASE do not drink before you come to your session, but feel free to bring your favorite drink to your session – I often times have mimosas to treat you at your session! One glass or a sip when you walk in the door is one thing, but having several drinks before your session can make eyes less bright and make you feel a little sloppy in posing. Just don’t do it!
– Stretch out and get ready to arch and curve! 
– Lay out your outfits the night before, so you don’t forget anything. Also consider cutting your tags off, so you don’t rip a hole in the lace or have brand tags hanging out. I bring scissors to the session in case there you forget!
– Please let me know if you have any allergies or medical conditions I should be aware of. 
– RELAX! Let the session be a fun experience where you did something that you were nervous to do and ROCKED IT!

As always, if you have any question, don’t be shy – just ask! Chances are, I’ve been asked before. I’m here to help from start to finish!

XOXO, Kali