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Preparing for your boudoir session can be SO intimidating, but that shouldn’t keep you from going through with your session. Plan enough time to prepare and invest in the experience you are purchasing, and ask for recommendations from your photographer to help you get the most out of it!

All of my boudoir clients receive a full what to expect & style guide at the time they book their date, which goes through ALL the nitty, gritty of getting prepped for your session. However, here is a quick roundup of my favorite parts of it to get an idea of what I tell all of my clients to get them ready!

choose your outfits carefully.

Choosing your outfits is definitely the most critical to walking into your session confident from the start. If you aren’t comfortable or feel that the item is ill fitting prior to the session, chances are I will be able to tell you are uncomfortable and won’t change your mind. Keep in mind that lingerie does not need to be functional in order to be BOMB on you.

pay attention to the details.

Don’t skimp on the details that will make you look and feel pampered and ready for your shoot! Things like spray tans and getting your nails and toes done will make you feel more glowy and ready for your shoot. Spray tans even out and minimize the appearance of blemishes and skin imperfections, along with giving you the perfect glow – totally recommended for a boudoir session! Women don’t normally realize that their hands are going to be featured in many of the shots, so consider getting a mani, or at least a soft color on them. Chipped nail polish will stick out! Some women prefer to get a facial or waxing service the week of the session to clean up their skin and any unwanted hair, but please don’t unless you have had their service done before. I have had a few clients have bad reactions or didn’t plan enough time to recover and needed to move their session last minute. If you haven’t tried a new skin care remedy before 3 weeks prior to your session, the day before is not the time to start!

Also consider investing in professional hair and makeup, if your session doesn’t already include it. I cannot stress the importance of being pampered and investing in the full experience, and not needing to stress about doing it yourself that day! My hair and makeup team has been working along side me for years to perfect hundreds of my clients for their sessions. they know what you need to look like, and although it may seem a little more heavy handed than they normally wear their hair and makeup, you will look PERFECT for pictures!

preparing the week before.

  • Lay out your outfits the night before, so you don’t forget anything. Also consider cutting your tags off, so you don’t rip a hole in the lace or have brand tags hanging out. I bring scissors to the session in case there you forget! 
  • Please let me know if you have any allergies or medical conditions I should be aware of. 
  • Wear baggy clothes, or seamless leggings to your session. It helps to not start the session with lines from your previous outfit. 
  • Stretch out and get ready to arch and curve! 
  • PLEASE do not drink before you come to your session, but feel free to bring your favorite drink to your session – I often times have mimosas to treat you at your session! One glass or a sip when you walk in the door is one thing, but having several drinks before your session can make eyes less bright and make you feel a little sloppy in posing. Just don’t do it! 
  • Do not skip a meal, you will be starved. Plan to eat a good breakfast/lunch at least an hour before your shoot (being hungry before your shoot can be counterproductive and make your stomach more bloated) 
  • Get a good nights sleep and do not have an excessively large meal or alcohol the night before. 
  • RELAX! Let the session be a fun experience where you did something that you were nervous to do and ROCKED IT! 
  • Drink plenty of water the days before and that morning.

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